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TRUE NORTH: A Bullet Journal for Self-Discovery

Welcome to True North: A Bullet Journal for Self-Discovery. Whether you seek to…

  • manage your current mental and emotional states
  • know yourself, your triggers, and your health better
  • address stress in digestible pieces
  • get underneath anxiety and depression that linger behind day-to-day interactions
  • build hope and confidence in, as well as strategies for, calmer and more joyful living…

True North can help. Designed to aid you in identifying your inner landscape by processing emotions, feelings, and thoughts, True North guides step-by-step, working in digestible pieces while providing assistance to observe and be with yourself. Bullet journaling simplifies and keenly focuses your personal unfoldment when time, confusion, or overwhelm complicates the process and especially if blank pages threaten to drown you with space. True North approaches your internal climate in eight distinct areas with short but effective visual cues and prompts. An overview, directions, and vignette with examples of each area provide details on the process.

                   through my bedroom window:                poems, prayers, and prose from life in quarantine

...nested within the pandemic’s reverberating theme go home and stay there, I discovered something unusual but central to my journey. And as I continued to seek, the dictate go home and stay there became go Home and stay There. In other words, go within. Go Home to the sacredness of your innermost being, the stillness of divine nature, the love in your grace-filled essence. Go deeply into your heart. 

The Witch's Cloak: A Memoir of The Unseen 

A magical journey of metaphysical discovery, sacred awakening, and enlightening personal evolution. This unique and inspirational memoir explores stories about manifesting, the angelic world, Spirit communication, reincarnation, and more, as you travel beyond time and space into the world of the unseen. 

The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self 

Silver Nautilus and Next Generation Indie Book Award-winning series. This comprehensive set is dedicated to help you move progressively deeper within to unearth the layers and aspects of your soul. If you desire to become acquainted with yourself and the world in a new way that honors your strengths and helps transform your shadow side, The Soul-Discovery Journalbook illuminates this path and offers companionship for your journey as part of the life adventure to embrace your true Self.